• A 20% deposit is to be paid in advance if the holiday is more then six weeks away.  
  • The balance to be paid four weeks before arrival.
  • If the holiday commences within four weeks the full tariff is to be paid.


  • A full refund will be paid if the booking is cancelled longer than six weeks of the due arrival date.
  • If the booking is cancelled four – six weeks before the due arrival date the deposit will be retained and the balance repaid (if it has been paid).
  • If the booking is cancelled within four weeks before the arrival date the full tariff will be retained.
  • Standard 'wear and tear' will not be charged for but for larger breakages or significant damage we reserve the right to charge in accordance with the replacement or repair costs we would incur.
  • There is a £15 surcharge for guests bringing a small/medium well behaved dog.